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I’m posting this only because I keep getting mails about it:

At-Will is done.

I took a break to see if I wanted to do this anymore, and I just don’t want to come back to it. I’ve worked hard putting up content, and have had to deal with so much treachery, rudeness, apathy, entitlement, and venom that it is no longer worth it to be involved in the community. The bad for me personally has far outweighed the good. When I started to hate game design, I knew something was wrong. I have transitioned away from doing 4e design and am now working on different projects.

For those who have supported the Worldbreakers, you are so awesome and so patient! I am working on finishing this project for you (I’m no longer going to “sell” it, as there is no incentive to sell 4e 3PP products). I am really sorry to get tripped up like this, but your support has been awesome and I do intend to honor it. This will be my last 4e project.

For those few who did support the work on the site, and are interested in other games besides 4e…do you want to see what I’m working on next? If so, I’m on twitter as qh_murphy, and I’m on G+ (Quinn Murphy).

At-Will has been a great home to many of my ideas but I need a bigger house. I hope you’ve enjoyed the site, and I hope you visit the new site (when I announce it).

Thanks to my supporters and my friends.

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