The Most Exciting Month Ever

The Most Exciting Month Ever

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Where have I been?

Well, my son was born prematurely ( 6 weeks early). He just came back home July 4th (Independence Day) and he is as awesome, inspiring and exhausting as you’d expect.  Also, my DDI submission for Wizards of the Coast got accepted.  It is a theme that utilizes Fortune Cards called the Fatedancer. It is awesome and you should check it out if you are a DDI subscriber.

Last Friday At-Will got nominated for a “Best Blog” Ennie!  If you’ve enjoyed the last few  years of At-Will, if we’ve helped your table with our material at all, I encourage you to vote for the site.

Next week, we release the first Worldbreakers book!  We’ve decided to split the book up into modules, which enables us to release great product and get great feedback. We’ve worked hard on the book and will release Etherkai, the Nightmare Dragon on July 22 via RPGNow.

By far, the most exciting month of my life!

That’s where I’ve been for the last bit. Thanks to everyone for your support these three years!  Next week we have a lot of awesome stuff to bring you.


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