Multiclass Monday #11 – Miscellaneous Power

Multiclass Monday #11 – Miscellaneous Power

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Welcome back to Multiclass Mondays!

Multiclass Mondays is a continuation of the “You, Version 2.0″ posts (here and here) that were put up a couple months back regarding using the Theme mechanics to more effectively multiclass characters.  The concept seemed to be a hit with many players and DMs around the Web, so we’re going to go through and provide Themes for all current D&D classes (even Psionics!) and maybe.. just maybe…  throw in a few bonus Themes.  For now, though, let’s stick to the basics.

Last week, we plumbed the depths of the remaining Arcane and Shadow Classes. This week, in the interest of wrapping the series up in a timely fashion, we visit the two oddball PHB3 classes, Monk and Runepriest.


Vacant Hand Initiate

You count as a Monk for all feat, theme and paragon path requirements. In addition, you gain a Flurry of Blows class feature and may use it with Monk class and paragon path powers. You may also use Monk implements with Monk class and paragon path powers.

If you choose to apply your Flurry of Blows to a power, you may not simultaneously apply any other striker damage feature (Sneak Attack, Arcane Might, Hunter’s Quarry, etc.) to that power.

Go, striker; use your extra damage feature. Enjoy.

Theme at Level 1

Master of the Vacant Hand (Multiclass Monk)

Prerequisite: Monk

Theme Feature: Choose a level 1 At-Will Monk attack power. You may use that power 1/encounter.

Theme at Levels 2+

  • Lv 2: Swift Flight
  • Lv 3: Eternal Mountain
  • Lv 5: Disrupting Fist
  • Lv 6: Airborne Form
  • Lv 7: Grasping Tide
  • Lv 9: Crane Dance
  • Lv 10: Iron Dragon Defense

Though the Monk is a Striker, the class is built more like a Controller – a couple of attack and defense ‘fixes’, but most of the punch of the class (pun intended) is in the powers. It’s fairly simple to build either a mundane, realistic martial-artist or an over-the-top, wuxia-style character. I have chosen here to be a bit more theatric in the power selection.



Syllabary of Healing

You count as a Runepriest for all feat, theme and paragon path requirements. In addition, you may use the Rune of Mending power 1/encounter.

The Runepriest is not a particularly good healer and the number of class features it has are minimal. There just isn’t much to go with here, so this gives you another option besides the Cleric for an encounter-level heal.

Theme at Level 1

Adept of Ciphers  (Multiclass Runepriest)

Prerequisite: Runepriest

Theme Feature: You gain the Rune Master class feature.

Being a Runepriest without this would honestly be kind of silly. It’s sort of the point of the class.

Theme at Levels 2+

  • Lv 2: Icon of Victory
  • Lv 3: Word of Alliance
  • Lv 5: Rune of the Final Act
  • Lv 6: Rune of Meritorious Alacrity
  • Lv 7: Word of Befuddlement
  • Lv 9: Rune of Shielding
  • Lv 10: Banner of Resolution

Since you don’t have the option to grab either Wrathful Hammer/Defiant Word, these powers attempt to stay away from such kickers unless absolutely necessary. The Runepriest is the master of buffing – damage you didn’t take is damage (s)he doesn’t have to heal. The theme plays significantly into that concept as well.


Next week, we let loose with our baser instincts and rouse the remainder of the Primal classes. Until next time, peeps!


P.S. I’ll cover Matt James’ ‘Born from the Shadow’ Themes next time.

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