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A long time ago I made 4etopia.  We got some people but never hit a critical mass.  We of course can communicate via Twitter.

Twitter is a great broadcast medium but many times the conversation gets too deep for 140 characters.  I am pretty much the master of overtweeting because of this.  But what if there was a place friendly to 4e (and other RPGs!) where you could have these talks at length with a group of people?

Too me, email is too messy. and IM is too private.  That leaves us, essentially with one good option: IRC.

If you are interested in talking shop about RPGs (4e in particular) and want in on real-time conversations, come to irc.  The server is 4eatwill.net (the ports are 6667-6669 if you need it) and the channel is #4eDnD.

Mibbit makes a good web-based client, and I like Diomedes for a cross-platform, Air-based client.

Hope to see you there!

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