Multiclass Mondays #4 – Warlord

Multiclass Mondays #4 – Warlord

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Welcome back to Multiclass Mondays!

Multiclass Mondays is a continuation of the “You, Version 2.0″ posts (here and here) that were put up a few weeks back regarding using the Theme mechanics to more effectively multiclass characters.  The concept seemed to be a hit with many players and DMs around the Web, so we’re going to go through and provide Themes for all current D&D classes (even Psionics!) and maybe.. just maybe…  throw in a few bonus Themes.  For now, though, let’s stick to the basics.

Last week, we covered the Sorcerer. This time, we’re falling in with the Warlord.

New Warlord Multiclass Feat

… you know what, don’t worry about it. Moving on..

I went through and examined all the possible Warlord multiclass feats in preparation for this post and honestly, they’re some of the best multiclass feats out there. Maybe the 1/day Inspiring Word is a little lackluster, but look at Bravura Leader – +4 to hit with an Action Point at the cost of one measly feat. That’s an absolute steal. Or the Resourceful Leader – +3 to damage or 3 temp HP on an Action Point. Your Striker buddy is BEGGING you to take this feat. Look at those puppydog eyes. (Awwww…) Seriously though, this is hot stuff and I see no need to mess with it.

Theme at Level 1

Seargent (Multiclass Warlord)

Prerequisite: Warlord

Theme Feature: If you took a Warlord Multiclass feat associated with a Commanding Presence, you count as having that Presence for power and feat requirements (all settings).  If you have the Inspiring Word power, you gain use of Direct the Strike power once per encounter (Dark Sun only)
Lv 1. Theme Power: Direct the Strike (encounter usage, non Dark-Sun only)

There are some nifty Warlord powers, don’t get me wrong. However, I am convinced the real joy of the Warlord is in the feat support. For instance, Resourceful Donation for the Resourceful Presence Warlord. When you spend your second wind, you may divide the HP between you and an adjacent ally. Dwarves take note; this feat effectively makes you a Paladin. See also Risky Charge for the Bravura Warlord – knock an enemy prone when you charge. Telegram for one Mr. Chargebarian! Overall, Warlord feats tend to be more interesting than Warlord at-wills, so it just made sense to steer the Theme in that direction if possible. If you go the normal 1/day Leader route, though, the option to pick up  ”I hit you with my Defender” (Direct The Strike) is available.

Theme at Levels 2+

  • Lv 2: Martial Cascade
  • Lv 3: Devastating Offensive
  • Lv 5: Exemplar of Action
  • Lv 6: Inspiring Reaction
  • Lv 7: Withering Courage
  • Lv 9: Warlord’s Recovery
  • Lv 10: Unintended Feint

Some of the best Warlord powers – Knight’s Move and No Gambit is Wasted immediately come to mind – are not on this list primarily because they are so good and so should be the domain of the true Warlord or at least someone willing to throw the feat investiture into it. Devastating Offensive and Withering Courage kicker off four of the five Presences, making the choice of multiclass feat again important. Martial Cascade and Exemplar of Action play more into Action Point usage. Inspiring Reaction is an encounter-based heal while Warlord’s Recovery and Unintended Feint help control action economy. The Theme gives a taste of each of the Warlord’s strengths while not overshadowing a straight-up Warlord in efficacy of any of them.

This is a short entry as I have two more booked for the week. Also, since I haven’t given it much thought yet, what class would you like to see condensed for Theme multiclassing next week?  Leave a comment and thanks for reading!

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