The Tragic Imprint: Gaze.

The Tragic Imprint: Gaze.

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The medusa sent her snake men servants to Husson’s village every few months to collect tribute. Husson was fortunate to have been born slightly deformed, his hairlip acting as a ward each time they came.

Husson’s youngest sister was not so lucky. As soon as she came of age, the snake men pulled her from Husson’s protecting arms and brought her before the medusa. Like the other comely girls and boys before her, she turned to stone and was used to decorate the medusa’s halls.

Husson yearned for revenge, but he was he did not like his chances winning at arms. The medusa had always hobbled or killed the strongest men in the village, so Husson’s potential army for an uprising would be an army of cripples at best. He sheathed his rage, and plotted.

One day he professed his love for the medusa.

“I love the medusa! It is not fair that I cannot gaze upon her, for I would render her immortal in painting! She wishes to hold beauty in stone but stone has no color! The medusa needs not only the eternal nature of youth, but the vivacity of youth too! The medusa needs paintings! It is I that can bring her that. I have this special reflective surface that will let me gaze upon her unharmed. I will render her lovely countenance for her and for all to see forever.”

Husson held up a shield with a highly reflective front side to offer as proof.

The snake men talked amongst themselves, deciding finally to ask their leader for guidance.

“Does he have a skilled hand? Let him prove his mastery first.”

When the snake men returned to the village and asked for proof, Husson brought a painting of his sister done just before the medusa had taken her away. The snake men brought it back.

“His hand is skilled,” the medusa told her lackeys, “But can he paint off of this surface as he says? Make him show you.”

The snakemen did as she asked. They returned to the village and made Husson paint using the reflection from his polished shield. He painted another of the young villagers and gave it to medusa’s servants to deliver.
“He does what he says, but how can he truly love me? We have never met; I am cruel to his village; I am unlike mortal women. Ask him how he can love me, and how he will prove it.”

Medusa’s servants returned to the village and asked Husson to prove the Medusa’s love. He stabbed and killed one of her servants immediately.  ”Either kill me now or give her that body as a sacrifice.”
It was then that the medusa called for Husson to see her.  She was truly flattered by this extended display of devotion.  Though she herself was beautiful, she could not be gazed upon without consequence.  The medusa

had never known love and she craved it.
Husson met the medusa inside a room of mirrors, in the heart  of the medusa’s domain.  Without word, he set up his shield to paint from her reflection.  The first images were distorted.  The medusa raged. Husson replied to her anger by beckoning her closer.  Several distorted paintings later, the medusa was within arms reach.

This final painting captured her perfectly.  After the final stroke, the medusa leaned in to admire the painting.  Husson grabbed the reflective shield and smashed it into the medusa.  Without mercy and with no other thought but revenge for his petrified sister, Husson defeated her with repeated attacks of the shield.

Overcome with grief and rage at her betrayal, the medusa barely fought back.  She died in her mirrored throne room.
Husson dropped his assassination tool and fled.  Eventually the medusa’s servants were overthrown and freedom was won by her former subjects.  The shield Gaze was never found, however.  It is said that the shield bears the powers and the rage of the painter who sought revenge.


The shield’s  surface offers chromed reflections of what is before it, but every reflection it offers is twisted somehow.

Cursed Shield

Level: 9

Item Slot : Arms

Curse: You suffer a -2 penalty to Athletic and Acrobatics checks.  You

Power(Healing): Trigger: You are missed with a ranged attack.  Make a  +12 attack versus Reflex.  If you hit, the target suffers the damage and effects of the attack it tried to hit you with.

Cursed Power (Daily): Make the following melee attack against yourself and one target: +12 vs Will.  On a hit, you or the target are petrified.

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