The Tragic Imprint: Pendant of Gasping Air.

The Tragic Imprint: Pendant of Gasping Air.

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An assassin who has been successful may never be known, not even by his patrons.  The assassin threads his identity and personality through many personas, rouses, and subterfuges.  The soul of a legendary assassin may elude the quills of scribes as does his true name. The soul of an assassin is often only revealed after the assassin’s death, and then only in the assassin’s tools, if they are found.

Assassins employ many different weapons during their career but the truest and most iconic is the garrote, a slight span of wire which allows the assassin to ply his trade with silence, at most eliciting from the assassin’s target a few short gasps for air . The garrote is the weapon that best symbolizes the assassin’s trade.  It is a tool of silent death.

If you trap a great assassin’s garrote inside a magically treated stone, you can bind a small bit of spirit and put it in use. Wearers of such a pendant must always be careful, however, as during a moment of weakness the pendant could easily bring silent death to it’s wearer as well.

Pendant of Gasping Air

A finely braided silken rope loops around a smooth, irregularly-shaped piece of amber. Encased with the amber is a miniature garrote, a small piece of wire with two metal hoops on each end.  You feel slightly short of breath staring at it.

Lvl 12
Enhancement Bonus:
+3 Fortitude, Reflex, Will
Price:13,000 gp
Item Slot: Neck
Property: Cursed
Power (Daily): Standard Action.Make an attack; Ranged 5; +14 vs. Reflex; on a hit, target takes 10 ongoing damage and grants combat advantage (save ends);  if the target is bloodied, takes an additional 5 damage on the initial attack.
Curse (Daily): Immediate Interrupt.
Trigger: Wearer becomes bloodied and has no action points remaining.
Effect: The wearer of the pendant is dazed until the end of its next turn and takes 10 ongoing damage (save ends).
First failed save: Wearer is slowed until the end of it’s next turn in addition to taking the ongoing damage.
Second failed save: Wearer is unconcious (saved ends)

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