Diversity in 4e: A conversation with Logan Bonner

Diversity in 4e:  A conversation with Logan Bonner

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Fantasy games usually explore diversity and multiculturalism through the filter of non-human races.  I’ve contemplated lately though drawing more culturally from real human cultures different than the usual;  branching out into other continents such as South America and Africa for inspiration.

I have a lot of thoughts on the best ways to do this, and I’ve been chatting about this at length on Twitter.  So imagine my utter delight when Logan Bonner, a designer at Wizards of the Coast, wanted to talk over the issue with me!   We discussed ways to approach increasing the diversity at your table, as well as the wrong and right approaches to doing it.

Logan of course, maintains his own thoughts on D&D at his website and is on Twitter.  He is also the author of the 1st level adventure “The Slaying Stone”.

Enjoy the discussion!

Discussion of Diversity with Logan Bonner

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