The SkillCast Episode #1: Introduction

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The SkillCast


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I decided to start a podcast!  Why another 4e podcast?  Well, this podcast is strictly about one element of 4e — the skill challenge.  There is a lot that’s said about them, but there aren’t really a lot of examples of skill challenges in play.  I think many people need that, because there’s still that sense people seem to have that they’re “doing them wrong”.  I’m not saying that I’m doing it “right”, but I know that my players and myself have fun with this game element.  Maybe if you see what me and other players are doing, it will give you ideas or just inspire you to say “hey, I do it better than that!”

The first episode is all jabbering by yours truly about the three basic fundamentals of skill challenges, which are:

1.  If you’ve been roleplaying for awhile, you’ve essentially been  doing skill challenges all along.

2. Skill Challenges are about actions, not skills

3. Skill Challenges provide constraints and structure that helps foster roleplaying.

Have a listen, and tell me what you think!

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