Time Stop, Aug 3rd

Time Stop, Aug 3rd

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Welcome to Time Stop, your week in review for fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons news. This week I bring you the latest news out of Wizards of the Coast and the ENnies, some great articles from RPG Bloggers Network, an excellent podcast from RPGPodcasts.com, and a few tools to help your D&D game.

WotC News


  • Voting for the ENnie awards has closed, but you can help select next years judges now! Take a look at the nominees and then go vote!




  • Stuck on Stickers: A PDF of status stickers that you can print out and stick on your minis as you play to show status effects.
  • A Yahoo! group for Dungeon Tiles has existed for a year now. The group has mainly been focused on using a modified version of the Dungeon Tile app that WotC has on their site with scanned in version of the WotC Dungeon Tiles. A new application was just released into beta. PyMapper, is a Dungeon Tile application built in Python.

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Milambus, aka Jake Fitch, has been a lifelong player of video games,card games, and board games. With the recent release of the Fourth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons he finally decided to start playing tabletop RPGs. He keeps informed on all the latest news from WotC, and RPG bloggers/podcasters and then shares that information with you.