Time Stop, July 6th

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Welcome to Time Stop, your week in review for fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons news.  This week I bring you previews of the new Hero Minis out of Wizards of the Coast, a wrap up of the Origins Game Fair, some great article from RPG Bloggers Network, a few excellent podcasts from RPGPodcasts.com, and a few resources to help your D&D game.

Miniatures Previews

The second series of Player’s Handbook Heroes minis will be released on July 21st, and Wizards of the Coast has been previewing them over the last few weeks.

Origins Wrap-up

The Origins Game Fair was held during the last weekend in June.


  • June 30th saw the final article posted to The Core Mechanic, an audio montage titled “I am a gamer”. While, its sad to see such a great blog shutting down, I wish Jonathan the best of luck with his new venture over at Nevermet Press.
  • Dungeon magazine has released an article by Chris Sims about party generation titled Party to Build Character.
  • Save vs Pointy Stick just released an article on world building.  In the article they detail some ways to randomly generate aspects of your game world.
  • ChattyDM and Chgowiz recently hosted a contest to design the best one page dungeons.  The winners can be found here.


  • After last week’s recommendation by Wolfgang Baur I had to give the Open Design Podcast a listen this week.  It was definitely worth it.  Their most recent episode features an interview with WotC’s Bruce Cordell, a discussion with Phil Menard (the ChattyDM), an interview with Pathfinder Editor-in-Chief James Jacobs and regular features by Monte Cook and Skip Williams.
  • Radio Free Hommlet released their 25th episode last week.  In this episode they delve into the new primal defender, the Warden, and provide a build for a Human Cleric.
  • The Tome Show episode 108 features a review of Goodman GamesHero’s Handbook: Dragonborn.  If you plan to use Dragonborn in your campaign, then take a listen to this episode to find out if this book will be valuable to you.


Think I missed something?  Or perhaps you have a suggestion for next week?  Then drop me a note!

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