Time Stop, June 15th: Happy Birthday 4e!

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Yes, that’s right fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons has been out a year.  To celebrate 4e’s birthday The Tome Show recently released an episode titled “4e One Year Later” in which Chris Perkins and James Wyatt of Wizards of the Coast were interviewed by several members of the RPG Bloggers Network, including At-Will’s own Gamefiend.  The folks from Radio Free Hommlet were also able to catch up with Keith Baker, who’s Eberron campaign setting releases later this month for 4e.

Speaking of Eberron, the recent D&D Podcast features Mike Mearls and James Wyatt discussing the upcoming Eberron Player’s Guide and Eberron Campaign Guide.  If you want to talk to someone who has already received their copy of the Eberron Player’s Guide drop by Geek’s Dream Girl where E is answering your questions.

Moving on to news from the RPGA, the details for the Ultimate Dungeon Delve were posted to Gleemax last week.  If you are planning to attend any of the following conventions you may want to check out the details: Origins, San Diego Comic Con, GenCon Indy, PAX and GenCon Australia.  Shawn Merwin, the Global Director for the Living Forgotten Realms campaign, and Michael Mockus, Regional Administrator of the Moonshae Isles, were recently interviewed on an episode of The Podge Cast.

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Saving perhaps the best for last, NewbieDM recently posted A reader written tutorial on making your own Dungeon Tiles. In which a reader named Alex shows us how to craft our own Dungeon Tiles, similar to those sold by Wizards of the Coast.

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