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Welcome to Time Stop, your Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons week in review. In this article I will be highlighting the best blog posts from the RPG Bloggers Network. Articles that are worth a look even if you missed them the first time around. In addition to blog posts, I will also feature podcasts from the RPG Podcast community. Finally, I will be discussing the news out of Wizards of the Coast.

The biggest news this week was the release of the monk playtest to DDI subscribers on Monday. The release of this playtest came with a surprise, Forth Edition monks will be Psionic Strikers rather than using the Ki power source that the first Player’s Handbook stated. The reasons for this choice can be read about in this months Design & Developement article. You will need to be a DDI subscriber to read either of the previous two articles. For you non-subscribers here are a couple of blogs that have provided coverage of the monk. They describe the class and some of the monk’s new mechanics. A Butterfly Dreaming. Points of Light.

For the last couple of weeks The Podge Cast has been discussing various ways to create your campaign world. First, they talked about how to create your world in a top-down manner. This is when you create your world starting with your concept from the world, and players generate their characters to fit into that world. Then this week they continued by detailing the bottom-up approach to world creation. This approach builds the world and the story around the characters. At the end of both episodes of The Podge Cast, the hosts begin a contest to build a campaign. Both contests end on May 31st, so hurry over if you are interested.

Gnome Stew recently complied their top 30 game mastering articles into an introductory post. These articles cover a wide range of subjects including: GM Tips & Tricks, GM Techniques, GM Tools, Campaigns and Adventure, The Craft and Art of Game Mastery, Running the Game, dealing with Players, Touchy Subjects and Social Issues.

The last article that I will be featuring this week is a recent review posted by ChattyDM about a game called How to Host a Dungeon. This is a single player game, more of a simulation according to ChattyDM, in which you create a dungeon then advance the dungeon and its occupants through several ages. This seems like a very interesting way to create the next dungeon for your campaign, go check it out.

Remember that the next D&D Game Day is next Saturday, May 23rd. This game day is celebrating the release of the Monster Manual 2. To find a game day near you head over to Wizard’s Store & Event Locator!

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Milambus, aka Jake Fitch, has been a lifelong player of video games,card games, and board games. With the recent release of the Fourth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons he finally decided to start playing tabletop RPGs. He keeps informed on all the latest news from WotC, and RPG bloggers/podcasters and then shares that information with you.