Lore: Dangerous Daggers

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What is there to fear from the lowly dagger?  It’s range is short, the wounds it makes are nothing compared to larger weapons.

There is indeed little to fear from the dagger itself, but in the right hands, the dagger is lethal and efficient, slaying an opponent before he even realizes it.

The following daggers are even more dangerous and lethal still…

Dangerous Daggers

Paralytic Ghost Knife: Fashioned from the pale horn of a giant yak, this slightly curved six-inch blade is a typical weapon used by mountain death shamans. The scarred black hilt is covered with crudely carved hexes. At the bottom of the hilt dangles a chain holding a rough-cut garnet. Holding this dagger gives the bearer an otherworldly taste for blood, accompanied by an uncomfortable cold feeling that can linger for up to a week.

Kris of Times-Gone-By: The golden blade is formed by two beautifully-carved interlocking dragons who appear to be eating each others’ tails. The green hilt looks like serpent’s skin. This fearsome-looking weapon has a reputation for driving its owners gradually and inexorably into madness. Previous bearers of this dagger have reported that it can occasionally trigger chaotic interdimensional shifts as the bearer’s bad karma avalanches down upon her shoulders.

Dragon Slice: Fashioned from the yellowing tooth of a long-dead dragon, this ugly little dagger works best for those who are greedy and money-loving. It increases one’s luck at games of chance.

Goblin’s Razor: The many chips and flaws in this small black blade give its victims distinctive, terrifying-looking wounds. Possession of this weapon tends to drive away all feelings of squeamishness or cold feet. Must be cleaned with graveyard dust.

Phoenix Stabber: Made from the bones of a phoenix, this dagger will always be trailed by the restless chaotic spirits of everyone it has killed. The blade is believed to be over 5,000 years old, but the hilt has recently been replaced by a skilled craftsperson.

Tinker’s Jab: This modest dagger looks so commonplace that it could pass for a pocketknife. Because it’s so easy to overlook (almost to the point of invisibility), it has been used for centuries to assassinate kings and queens. Its previous owner used it as a screwdriver for almost forty years.

Dagger of Saint Elisabeth of Bardo: This pearl-hilted dagger was worn on the belt of St. Elisabeth during the 49 years she spent in the convent at Bardo. The beautiful St. Elisabeth was known to be a ruthless protector of her chastity.

Pinpricker: This infinitesimally tiny dagger has a charm on it from the Old Wizard of Krinche that keeps the blood from clotting. Unfortunately, the charm is indiscriminate so the owner of this dagger must be very careful with it.

Watchmaker’s Stiletto: When this dagger is used in combat, there is a chance its bearer could jump back in time for several seconds or more. Occasionally much more.

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