Why is Sigil so barebone in the Manual of the Planes? The List of D&D remakes.

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images I’ve been wondering off and on why Sigil didn’t get more than six pages in the Manual of the Planes…looking at the WotC’s future plans, we’ll be getting that as the city in the DMG2.  This is kind of cool, but…I want Sigil nooooooow.  I mean, I still have some Planescape material to keep me warm, but I’d love to see it updated because Sigil is such a  cool place.  And I really just want to see a totally updated,revamped re-release of, I dunno….every Planescape book ever made.

And since I’m whining…what else do I want to see remade for 4e? I just got done reading the Power of Now, so I’m going to apply it here, to make sure it all happens as soon as I wish.

  • Dark Sun.  I don’t know if I even need to say this one, but here it is.  I mean, they even re-released the Amber Enchantress.  I want it nooooooow.
  • Mystara.  The D&D Rules Cyclopedia kicks tail.  The Mystara setting, with its set of Gazetteers, also kicked tail.  Nothing fancy, just good old fantasy. Noooooow, WotC.
  • Hollow World.  Technically, this was just the guts of Mystara. but man, we had so many great adventures in this land whose sun was the core of another world.  Re-release this now.  Thank you.
  • Kara-Tur. Like a crane kick from out of the blue, comes a random pick that was one of my favorite settings ever.  Technically, just part of the realms, but really?  It’s own little slice of heaven, a great oriental setting before Rokugan was even a twinkle in AEG’s eye.  You know the drill by now WotC. Re-vamp and re-release at your earliest convenience, which should be, you know…now.

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