WoAdWriMo: Flamewrack Valley

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So, I’m doing WoAdWriMo this month.  What am I doing for it? My one-liner:

An ancient enemy that mystical flames have kept away from a dragonborn society is returning, as the flames are dying.

Welcome to Flamewrack Valley, and adventure for players of 5th level.  Flamewrack Valley contains a small alcove of dragonborn civilization, the city of Gram’kal.  Gram’kal is  a society built upon a caste system, with various “colors” (based on different dragon colors, both chromatic and metallic) of dragonborn occupying different stratum and positions within society.  Long ago, some of the silver caste, wizards and ritualists, came in touch with darker arts.  There was a schism in the silver caste. Those who chose to pursue the dark arts fled Gram’kal.  Like all proper evil cults they returned,  this time with the aid of the shadow dragon “Pain” and demons.  This cult called themselves the Brotherhood of Silver, and created summoning gates for their minions to appear from and continuously assault the citizens of Gram’kal.

The silver wizards of Gram’kal were not without powers of there own.  They erected cloud touching pillars of magic.  The top of the pillars were wreathed in  bright flame and made inert the summoning gates of the Brotherhood.  Without the demons to aid them, the Brotherhood’s numbers were insufficient against Gram’kal’s warriors.  Most of the Brotherhood were caught and executed. Pain withdrew his support, retreating into the shadows from which he appeared.

Centuries later, the flames of the pillars have died out. The rituals that were used to erect the pillars are long lost to the silver wizards of this age, so they are powerless to stop their light and power from extinguishing.  Within a day, all the wards that have protected Flamewrack valley are rendered powerless.

And the ancient enemies return.

Next, I’ll discuss how the PCs are getting involved, and a little bit more about the city of Gram’kal.

What do you think of the premise?  Good backdrop for an adventure?

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